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Web form calculator

We have the following types of web calculators based on forms, see selected examples below:
- calculator form
- converter calculator form
- formula calculator form
- project calculator form


Customize your calculator form with your own colors.

An example of a calculator is shown below:

Converter Calculator form

You can customize your web converter form with your own colors and language.

An example of a converter calculator is shown below:

Formula Calculator form

You can create your own custom web calculator form, the forms are flexible so you can change everything from layout to design.

An example of a web formula calculator form is shown below:

Project Calculator form

When you have a few web formula forms, you can combine them into one project calculator. Multiple results, dropdowns and more are available in the web project calculator form.

An example of a project calculator form is shown below:

Please use "Create Widget" in the menus to generate the website calculator form that suits your needs or click:Calculator Widget