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Excel to app

With our spreadsheet import module you can turn your spreadsheet into a calculator app in a few minutes.

The main advantages are that:
-there is no need for installing any programs or apps.
-there is no need for downloading and installing any program to use the calculator on your web or app.

The app will run on our servers and will be shown in your app or homepage via a javascript.
When ordering a license from us we can do the import for you. If you want to make a free calculator app you can use our spreadsheet instructions to import your file.

Below you can see an example of an application turned into a mobile calculator app. First you can see the original file next you see the import file, where you have transferred your data and formula and last you can see the end result which actually is a working widget or app.

How to turn an Excel spreadsheet into a web app

Using our service it will be easy turning excel spreadsheet into a software application for the web or mobile device. Use our spreadsheet instructions to import your file.

You can go from an excelfile like this:

Excel file example

to this in a few minutes:

or this in a few minutes, pick up your mobile device and press this button to test:

The button will show an app like this:

Picture of a handheld device