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FormLoop Product

FormLoop Product and System

We believe that etools like calculation forms are a great way to enhance the perception of sites today. Formloop have one core service; free calculator program (see below for more information). The program helps you to build calculators and launch them as apis for calculators, calculator widgets or calculator apps. The same calculator is used for all alternatives to launch your application.

The Calculation Form Widget (calculator program) have two configuration steps, choosing the content meaning the widget or actually the formula and then choosing the design for the calculation form widget. When choosing the design you can also choose to include options like PDF download and more.

Since customer service is becoming more and more important we think that e-tools like FormLoop Service are great way to increase customer satisfaction for visitors at your site.

The product consists of three parts; one the actual database, two this website for configuring the clients form and three the Calculator Widgets, APIs, Iframes or javascripts that are running as a cloud based service on our servers. The service is based on ads, if you want the same service without ads, read more at Licenses or contact us for an offer.

What makes FormLoop Service unique

What differentiates us and our product from other widget companies are that FormLoop;
- have seen to that NO Coding is required, only configurations from forms.
- Calculators work Offline when using them as calculator apps..
- API to use your calculation form or converter as an integrated part of your application.
- Custom Calculator give the site-owner the ability to create their own formulas, constants, units and variables,
- have a function for Excel/spreadsheet import making it easy to create a custom calculator.
- have integrated converters in the calculators for your user to choose input and output units.
- have wikipedia integration for converters that can be turned on/off.
- have a language module that automatically translates the calculator into most languages and then enables the user to fine tune and use the widget in the site-language.
- dynamically can set the mode, height, width and language dynamically via javascript.
- have mobile apps which are hiding our url in the header and allways ships with an automatic back button to your webpage.

Other special features are that FormLoop:
- only work with calculations forms or calculator widgets.
- have integrated pdf download option in the widget for your site-visitors.
- have integrated excel download option in the widget for your site-visitors.
- have built in the ability to reuse the formulas and variables.
- have the same system for using the calculator as a widget, api or mobile app.
- have a fully flexible configurator for the form, giving you the best suitable widget regarding size, colors, fonts and so on.

When logged in, the following features are available;
- FormLoop will be the first site where you can create project calculator widgets and where you can calculate on the properties of the products.
- copying Your design to a new widget.
- private configured formulas (widget content).
- set a default design for all your widgets.
- copy and paste the code again if you have lost the code.
- turn off the terms text at the bottom of the widget.

Using FormLoop Widgets

This service and its widgets are optimized for Firefox and Chrome, but we have tried our best to get full functionality in Internet Explorer.

For testing you can use the code up to 1000 times, but after that you need to give away your site address (url) and your email. The code will then only work from that particular site. If your visitors make more than 5.000 calculations a month you need a commercial license.

However the number of impressions (times the page is loaded) per month are limited to 100 000 impressions. If you have a high traffic site with low CTR on calculate you will need a commercial license.

If you want calculator widgets without any ads, exceeds the total number; of impressions or calculations, please contact us for an offer for a commercial license.