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Invest in Formloop

Since we are a start-up company we are in need of further financing. In order to develop the calculation service and to expand both geographically and through new segments we need a capital-injection.

The market today

Calculate by hand, Forms for calculationCompanies using digital channels such as search, social media and websites are becoming more and more alike, which could mean that the next "battle" will be on apps and e-tools such as FormLoop. The market for web based calculations and e-tools today is small, but  with few competitors and with a rapidly growing demand for such a calculation service as we offer we see great possibilities in the future.  There are room in the market for companies like us that make life easier for the  engineer and other professionals using calculations on the web. 

market expectations

Calculate, Forms for calculationWe are confident that the market for web based calculations will grow and pressure will come from user side and especially the companies  employing large quantities of qualified people. Now that Formloop is released, for the first time there is a service available that let you create a calculation form in a minute, that took days to create before the formloop calculation service became available. 

business model

Mission statement: To develop and market generic Calculator Widgets and Calculator Apps for companies who believe in turning calculating ideas into reality.

The calculation service is free for all professionals and web-designers and Formloop sell the advertising space generated by first of all calculations made on our calculations pages and calculations made by iframe links. We expect that the inlinks will be the major part of the income for the oncoming years.

There are also a an ad-free version where the site-owner buys a license.