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We have noticed that in the beginning its hard to get all the words that are used when configuring a calculator widget, therefore we have made this page available with our view on these keywords.

Widget:A widget is a stand-alone application that can be embedded into third party sites by any user on a page where they have rights of authorship. Read more at Wikipedia.
Converter Widget:Converts a unit to another unit.
Calculator Widget:A Widget that is used for Calculating, this can either be custom calculator (Formula calculator widget) or a simple calculator.
Formula Calculator Widget:Same as a Calculator Widget, but with a specific Formula.
Project Calculator Widget:A Calculator Widget where you can assign products to the variables in the specific Formula, add an application picture and compare the output/result to a set of products.
Project Widget:Short Form of Project Calculator Widget. Same as a Project Calculator Widget.
Widget Content:For a Formula Widget it is a Formula, but for a Project Widget it is a Project.
Project:A Project is a Formula where the variables in the formula have been assigned to variables in the products. The result of the equation is compared to variables in selected products. Together with an application picture this makes a project.
Products:Products is at says, products and the variables that belong to them.
Formula:A Mathematical Equation that calculates a result based on the input on a few variables.
Variable:A part of the equation which can have different values depending on the input.
Constant:A part of the formula which always have the same value.
Index:A way to separate variable with the same letter/sign from each other.
Formula Structure:A way to solve equations and prioritize which formulas to execute first.
Converter App:A unit converter for mobile devices and pads.
Calculator App:A calculator for mobile devices and pads.