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"Making the complex simple"

Custom calculator widgets

If you want to use an existing formula you do not have to go through these steps because you just have to choose "Calculator Widget" from menu Create Widget and choose the formula and just copy and paste the IFRAME code into your web-page.

Using the service Formloop you will be able to reuse your formulas and create new formulas and also use them at your web-page by integrating the downloaded code.

Explanation of Building blocks

The language and definitions are explained very clear and brief in FormLoop dictionary. It will give you the good overview of how this site is built up.

The smallest building blocks are:
1.Variables, used for values that variate.
1.1 The variables can have units and indexes to separate them from each other.
2.Constants, used for static values.
2.1 Constants can be stored constants or just a number. 3.Functions, used to calculate.

The above creates a Formula, which can be created at: Add Formula.

The formula is then used in the widget to calculate something, which can be designed at: Design Formula Calculator Widget. The widget content is then created completely automatically.

Many formulas can then be used in a project to get multiple outputs and to combine the formulas and solve equations.

Creating a Custom Formula for the Form

You can select an existing formula and copy all the data to your formula. If you want to create your own formula you can create a formula for your calculation form by clicking Add Formula. If you want to add a more advanced formula with functions and more use Custom Formula. After some calculations you maybe want to edit your formula, that you do by clicking; Formula Edit.

Sometimes for example you may want your own currency, or change an other unit in your free form that you do by copying the formula you want to customize; Formula Edit/Copy.

Adding a Formula is done in four easy steps read more about them in Help to Add Formula

Adding constants, variables, indexes and units

When you are adding your formula you may want to add further indexing and that you can do by by clicking; Add Index. If you have started to add a formula you can just surf around in the menus because if you have accepted session parameters it will remember which formula you were adding.

Adding a variable you do on this link; Add Variable
Editing a variable you do on this link; Edit Variable
Adding an constant you do on this link; Add Index
Adding a unit you do on this link; Add Unit

Upon request we have added all existing data in tabs for these pages making it easier to see which building blocks that exists.

If you need assistance do not hesitate to contact us.