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22 Steps to create a Custom Project calculator

The instructions on this page only shows a general solution, in some cases it can be a little bit more complicated. However feel free to contact us if you need assistance to create your calculation widget.


If you want to use an existing Project you DO NOT have to go through these steps because you just have to choose an existing project and copy it. Then click menu "Get Code" and there choose "Project calculator" and then at last choose the formula and design of the form and finally copy and paste your personal calculation form code into your web-page.

Steps to create a Custom Project calculator

  1. Create an account and log in.
  2. Go to "Add Simple Formula" in the menu Create Content and start adding a new formula or use/edit an existing formula.
  3. Step 1. Add Formula, formula name and select the type of formula from the menu.
  4. Maybe you need to add variables or constants, go to "Add a....." in the menu Custom Calculator and add variables, constants and indexes.
  5. Step 2. Add Indexes & Units.
  6. Step 3. Review and Save (the program will check if the formula is valid) and save the formula.
  7. Add Products by choosing Add a Product follow the 2 steps to complete a product with variables with values.
  8. Add a Project by choosing Add Project. and follow these steps:
  9. Step 1. Add Project Info. Is where you add the project-name, description and so on.
  10. Step 2. Build Formula Structure & Select Output. Is where you choose the formula and formula structure for the project.
  11. Step 3. Add Picture. Is where you choose an application picture (jpeg) for the project.
  12. Step 4. Add Products. Is where you assign products to variables in the formula.
  13. Step 5. Compare. Is where you choose a compare sign meaning that the program picks products that are i.e. greater than the result. Here you also add the products that the sign will pick from.
  14. Step 6. Test. Here you test your Project calculator, This is the User view.
  15. Step 7. Save and be forwarded to Project calculator Page
  16. Go to "Project calculator" in the menu Get Code and choose the Project that you have created.
  17. On the same page choose the design you want for the Project Calculation-form-widget, start with a default design.
  18. Modify the default design by clicking Button, "Modify Design" and modify the layout by clicking "Modify Content & Layout".
  19. On the same page fill in the information and accept the terms and press "get code" now copy the javascript code that is generated in last step after submitting email, site info and so on.
  20. Your free calculator code will be shown at the bottom of the page (step3).
  21. Paste your custom form javascript code into your page/app. Enjoy.....
  22. If You want other to use your widget and download it, choose Your Widgets and there mark the check-box "publicize on FormLoop" to publicize your Project calculator on FormLoop

Following these steps you can make a free Project Calculating Form in half an hour. If you have any questions or suggestions for improvement please contact us.