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Api for Conversion

Our unit converter API can be used to convert any value in your application. If we dont have the conversion you are looking for please mail us and we will add it. You can connect to our conversion api by using json. We have made an example which is shown when you press the get code button. You can either use javascript or php to connect to our service, both are shown as code examples. PHP: First part of the code will show you the Available Unit Groups(1), then you Get all the units for a unit group(2), then it show you how to Do a Conversion(3). JavaScript: a simple example is provided, please review it cause it quite easy to follow.
The service is free for up to 10 calls per minute and 150 calls per day. If you need more calls please look at our licenses. Any attempts to automatically download conversion values in order to store them in your own database will get you banned.

Test Code

Go to converter and fill in your email and web-address to get the code for your api. There is no need to design your widget, since you will use your own css. Copy and paste the code into your webpage and design the form with your css rules.