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"Making the complex simple"

Widget that compute

At FormLoop we have made Widgets with computations an easy task. Just add an equation and then a computational widget will be generated for you, then you will have the possibility to design your widget to suit your site.

Computing Widget

You can calculate almost anything and you can have multiple inputs and multiple outputs. There are also predefined functions with conditional logic too. The Equations that you use can be everything from simple equations to complex equations that make your form more look like a product configurator. A html computational widget will be generated efter you have designed your computing widget.

Computing Widget Howto

1. Add a formula at: Add Formula.
2. Go to Create a computational widget.
3. Search for and choose your added formula.
4. Design your computational widget.
5. Copy and paste the javascript into your website.

Simple Computing Widget

A loan-computational widget and a computational widget-script can look like this:

Please use "Create Widget" in the menus to generate the website calculator form that suits your needs or click: computational widget