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Compare Mortgage Rates

Add your custom interest rates compare widget. If you miss interest rates just mail us a list of banks and we will add them. The interest rates are updated twice daily. Since we just have released this widget type you have to mail us a list of banks and links to the pages where the official rates are. It normally takes us two days to get the rates into the system. Credit rating can be added as an extra row, let us know which ratings you need and we will add it.

This is how you add your custom interest rates compare widget:

1. Go to: Interest Rates Widget.
2. Press "Select Banks, rates & Country".
3. Choose banks and rate-types and close the frame.
4. Then choose a default design and press modify if you want to change the layout or the design.
5. Fill in your contact data (if not loged in) and then press "get code".
6. Last of all copy and paste the javascript into your webpage.

Compare interest rates of banks widget example