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Calculator Menu

The purpose of having a Calculator Menu is that your engineers, support or others can add calculators to the menu without involving a webdesigner. The webdesigner must however add a button and a javascript that lead the user to the menu. Usually the menu is used on intranets or mobile sales tools. Our Calculator Menu is made in responsive html5. We call the calculator menu a calculator cluster.

You can create your custom calculator widgets and then use our system and create a sales calculator menu to launch the calculators as calculator apps for your customers or sales-staff. The Mobile menu can also be used if you do not want to change your code in your homepage, but you want the sales, salessupport or techsupport staff to be able to add calculators to the menu without your involvement.

The menu and the calculators with direct link will work on all phones (android, ios, windows phone and more), tablet computers (ipad and more) and of course it will work and behave as usual on desktops and laptops.
All our widgettypes such as converters, formula widgets, projectwidgets, calculators and rate tables are available in mobile mode. The widgets will autodetect if the user is on a mobile device.
In mobile mode all descriptions and headlines are turned off, but the user will have an option pressing the more button for more information. When returning to your page the widget will remember which page it came from, most servers have this feature enabled.

Commercial license

If you have a commercial license you:

  • can have your logo on the main-menu and on the mobile calculator apps.
  • have no ads on the menu or the calculators.

Read more about our commercial offer here....

Calculator App Iphone

Calculator Menu Instructions

To create your personal Menu with calculators you need to:

  • Create an account and login.
  • Create or Design a few calculator widgets.
  • Go to the CalculatorApp page and redeem your test license.
  • Add a few calculator widgets to your Menu and choose a default widget for the design of the menu.
  • Then add a button (code provided) at your homepage or mobile pages to access the Menu with the calculators.
  • You can also use our code and integrate it with a closed app at google play, windows store or appstore.

Test the Calculator Menu

Pick up your mobile phone and surf to this page and press this button:

Below you can see a screen-dump from a desktop showing the Calculator Menu.

Calculator App Ipad

Below you can see a screen-dump from an ipad showing the Menu.

Calculator App Ipad

Below you can see a screen-dump from an ipad showing a project calculator in mobile mode.

Calculator App Ipad

Below you can see a screen-dump from an ipad showing a project calculator i mobile mode with the more button pressed.

Calculator App Ipad