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Increase Backlinks

You can use our widgets to build backlinks and let your site-visitors use the code on their sites and by that creating backlinks to your site. What you need is to register and order a license. You will change a part of the code which we will assist you in doing, then you will be up and running. If you want a custom calculator we will assist you in creating one.

How to get backlinks An Example

You have a site for selling soil, where visitors might need to calculate the Weight. You add our calculator to your site and then also the code with an integrated link to your site. When in example a consultant adds the widget to their site a backlink is created to your site.

Since we use a content delivery network no FormLoop branding or name will be visible.
The red part of the code will be edited when increasing backlinks with widgets:
https://www.formloop.com/CalculatorWidget/formulawidget/ "> FormLoop
The code will be exchanged for a link to your site and your sitename. If you DO NOT have a license and change or remove the code on a free widget, you will be banned from using our service.