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"Making the complex simple"

Simple Product Configurator

As we were developing widgets we saw a need for more advanced calculator widgets that can do more than ordinary calculator widgets but less than a product configurator. At Formloop you can make more advanced calculator widgets and calculator apps that behave like a simple product configurator. We call them project calculator widgets and project calculator apps.

Publicized advanced calculator widgets can be found in this page:Simple Product Configurator, there you can also see different features built into the different widgets.

You can test the advanced calculator above by copying the code below.

<div id="fw_74377574623569760"><a href="https://www.formloop.com/ProjectWidget/all">FormLoop</a></div>
<script type="text/javascript" src="https://d15pwioa8qyjit.cloudfront.net/js/calc_quick_p.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
var pass_id='74377574623569760';
var height='480';
var width='500';
var lang_code='';
var mobile='';

Unique features compared to ordinary calculator widgets are:
- The widget can find a suitable product, by using compare function.
- You can assign products to variables in the formula and make a select menu.
- You can have multiple formulas.
- You can have multiple answers.
- You can choose to have the widget private.
- You can upload an application picture.

Adding multiple of products
- We will help you to upload a series of products with the use of excel, send us a file and we will upload it.

Already included features:
- Pdf maker included in the widget.
- Excel maker included in the widget.
- Translate the widget into any language.


To the left you can see a simple product configurator widget with the above features. Feel free to test it, since it is a configured live widget. You can also copy and paste the code and test the widget in your page.

If you feel ready for making your own product configurator you go through the following steps:
1- Login or create an account.
2- Create a custom formula if needed.
3- Add products or mail us for help.
4- Create a project or advanced calculator

When finished with your project you will be automatic forwarded to design, the final step.
5 - Design the Widget.

Furthermore if you want to collect a few calculators and bring them as an app in your mobile device you can do this at.
6 - Calculator App.

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