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About FormLoop

The Company

Formloop is a part of the company WeCalc AB, which is an on-line company and the base of our operations is in Sweden. The company was started in 2010 and the first site wecalc.com was launched in 2010 followed by formloop.com which was launched in 2011. FormLoop product is a calculator widget creation and distribution platform and we operate in a niche within the segment widgets called calculator widgets. Our mission is to reduce the amount of engineering used today. 

We also supply the market with additional help for making simple calculations.


In engineering and other calculations, daily repeated calculations are done with the same input and the same output. This is a fact for all suppliers of technical parts, financial products and other products that can be specified by calculating. The questions to the technical sales staff and other support functions are the same each time. This is why we saw a need to start a calculating application for automating these kind of calculations.

Business Concept

Mission statement: To develop and market generic Calculator, Converter and Rates applications delivered as Widgets, Apps or APis for companies who believe in turning calculating ideas into reality.

Suppliers of technical equipment (all sorts) have problem to bill the user for product calculations and advises. This is one of the reasons why we exist, but the main reason is that we help the designer to do calculations (which are frequent) and therefore make daily life better for both parts.

Some companies have made static hard-coded forms in their web-pages to solve this problem which are very expensive and give the staff no ability to develop and improve the calculation forms. Formloop cloud-based calculation however solves the above problems and also gives the user of the calculations better service.

The future

Calculator WidgetsThe market for web based calculations will grow and especially the need for etools making the interaction with the users at websites more experimental, exact, and helping. Integrated webtools with calculations will be a part of all technical sites and services in the future.

With our products we are well positioned to be a part of this growing market. We aim to be the leading provider of forms for web based calculations. We are developing more functions and possibilities that will give the calculation user, the form owner, and all other stakeholders an even better service.