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First of all you need a user account to access the project module. A user account can be obtained for free here. Or you can use your google account to login, if so do it here.

Before logging in you could have a look at the instructions for creating a project calculator widget which can be found here.

Then Log in and add your products, project, design the project calculator widget and download the iframe-code.

The reason why the projectmodule is protected is for your comfort since no one can tamper with your products, formulas or projects.

You will have an option where you can publish your widget at Formloop site for others to use it. The widget will then be shown as the widget to the left together with all other project calculator widgets.

One last advantage of having an account and being logged-in is that you can save a default design which you then can reuse for all of your widgets. This will save you a lot of time.

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