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  1. I try to add a formula but the page just refreshes and nothing happens?
  2. Will the service always be available ?
  3. Are there any license in using Formloop service ?
  4. I cant get the code to work in my page, or my code have stopped working ?
  5. Can I have my own logo or picture in the widget ?
  6. Why does not the design/configurator update the size ?
  7. I want to add a color to the calculator widget but I cant find it ?
  8. Can we use "," or "." ? And does both of them work always ?
  9. My widget is of a formula_id type will it still work ?
  10. I have lost my password, where do I reset it ?
  11. My formula does not show up when I search for it in the "Create Widget" section, what is wrong ?
  12. I can not seem to get Google sign in work ?
  13. The menus when I select and design the calculator widget look like they are not organized ?
  14. My users/visitors at my site have a problem with translated widgets and download of excelfiles, there are strange signs instead of letters ?
  15. When Creating a widget the widget does not update and is not adding the configurations ?
  16. What happens if I do not pay and the license period run out ?
  17. Why does all my calculators have black background in the Calculator App and API ?
  18. When I look at my New Calculator widget at my page it shows all kinds of errors.
  19. How do I add a calculator to my wordpress site ?
  20. Can anyone alter or delete my created variables or units ?
  21. Why cant I just translate the currency in a widget and get it in my local currency ?
  22. I don't understand how to add a function when adding a custom formula (complex)?
  23. The order of the input fields are wrong, I want them in a different order ?
  24. Where can I edit the formulas that I have created?
  25. When I paste the code into my page nothing shows up?
  26. Why cant I have an integrated converter in my widget, nothing shows up?
  27. I changed language and now the widget is incomplete?


  1. Usually its due to session parameters are not accepted by your browser, enable session parameters in your browser. Use Google and google for "session parameters" or try this link: Session Fix
  2. Yes as long as our company and the formloop servers are running it will be.
  3. There are no license needed as long as you use the version with ads and a link, but by using our service you accept the terms and other special terms such as liability term for calculate button.
  4. We have stoped supporting IFRAME based widgets, please configure a new widget.
  5. Please create an account and log in and order a license where this feature will be available.
  6. This is due to the cache in the web browsers, please press ctrl and F5 and it will be solved.
  7. Please mail us and we will add it in 24 hours
  8. Yes ! This has been tested so the widget accepts both "," and ".", but always shows the ".".
  9. No, the old widgets with the old iframe inlinks are no longer supported ! We can help you to configure a new widget.
  10. Mail us and we will reset it, and mail you a temporary password.
  11. When you add your formula, all 4 steps have to be completed, use the "test formula function" in Step 3, to validate your formula. You could also go to Formula Help to get more help.
  12. You have to accept; Formloop.com to take part of your user-data, probably the "cancel" button have been pressed. Do another login attempt and it will work.
  13. We have tried to fix this bug, but its related to the web browser. Please upgrade your browser or try firefox or chrome web-browser.
  14. This is due to the nature of excel and other spreadsheet programs. Advise the users at your site to Use UTF-8 or UTF-16 when importing the csv-file, this usually takes care of the problem.
  15. This is due to some browser settings make the browser to cache the content, what you need to do is to put the marker on the widget and right-click and the in the menu choose update frame, this will reload the frame.
  16. The widgets will still work, but there will be ads running and the mobile API's will be turned off.
  17. Its because you are only holding a test license, please read more about our commercial offer, and if you are logged in you can order a commercial license here.
  18. Its because of the sessions parameters set earlier when you configured the widget, restart your browser and look at your page again and it will work. That will be the view that your visitors will get.
  19. You can add a calculator to your wordpress page by following these instructions; Calculator in wordpress.
  20. A unit or a variable can only be deleted or altered by db admin. Though we recommend that you create an account so that no one can change your formulas.
  21. If you want your local currency, we have now created a module that enables you to chose a new currency or unit and the program will convert automatically.
  22. We are aware that it might be a little bit confusing, therefore we have changed the functions so that they are similar to excel and added a Help for Functions for Formulas.
  23. We have had many request to do this, so we have made a module to change the the order of the variables. Go to create widget and test.
  24. For the last year we have rebuilt the system to enable editing the formulas in a safe way, we got it to work in early 2014. You can test the edit part at: Edit Formula. Choose a formula to edit and then go to the "Build Formula" part and press the "EDIT FORMULA" button.
  25. Usually the problem is that the code have been pasted in while in html mode, look for '& amp;' in your code and replace it with &
  26. This is due to that you have chosen a unit for the variable which is not green marked. All green marked units are ready for integrated converters.
  27. You have change language and there are no translation available, we recommend that you translate the parts that you are missing.

As more and more questions are coming in we will add new questions and answers.