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Help Creating a Custom Formula

Some quick suggestions first, when adding the formula have another window open, where you can add variables,indexes,constants and other building blocks. Also a good idea can be to write down the formula before start adding it. Last but not least look at the existing formulas and copy a similar one and see if you can use that one as a base for your formula.

Step 1: Add Formula Info Here you fill in the Information about the formula you are about to add. You will be able to go back and edit your formula name and description later.
Step 2: Build Formula Here you choose the Variable that the equation/formula start with and add functions, constants and so on. By pressing the button edit formula you can edit your formula.
Step 3: Assign Indexes & Units Here you add index to the selected variables in the formula. If you have a variable in the formula which is the same as the solved variable you will be forced to Index at least one of them.
Step 4: Review and Save Here you will be able to test your formula or just store it by pressing Button; "Save & Exit".

1. In step 4, press Button; "Save & Exit", to save your formula. If this button is not pressed your formula can not be accessed by the widget.
2. If you have copied an existing formula you must remove -copy- in the formula name otherwise the system will delete the formula.
3. When designing or creating your widget you will have the possibility to change the variable name and the order of the variables.

If you have any further questions do not hesitate to contact us !

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