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APIs, Widgets & Apps
"Making the complex simple"

Our Products

FormLoop's offer consists of five products; converters, simple calculator, formula calculators, project calculators and a menu for easy integration. Our products can be launched as Widgets, API's or Mobile Apps. Read more about our products and what makes our offer unique in Formloop Product or test an example widget shown in Our Calculators.

Calculator Widget

Calculator App

Make a free calculation widget by choosing a calculator, designing and then copying a piece of code and paste it into your web-page. Then you will have a free calculation form for your homepage. We recommend that you create an account or login with your google account, in order to protect your added content and configurations. By pressing Get Code in the menus above, you can see the products that can be delivered as widgets. Read more about our calculator-widgets at calculator widgets or look at converter widget for our complete range of converters.

Calculator App

Calculator App

At FormLoop you can launch your calculators as calculator apps for your customers or sales staff. You can choose and configure a calculator and use the code (supplied after pressing the getcode button) as a button linking your user direct to a mobile version of the widget. The mobile version works offline and ships with an automatic backbutton for your user to get back to your page, also the formloop webaddress is hidden in the browser.
Our widgets and apps are developed in html5 and are made in responsive HTML design. This means that the menu together with the mobile calculators will work on all phones (android, ios, windows phone and more), tablet computers (ipad and more) and of course it will work and behave as usual on desktops and laptops.

Press to test the Mobile Direct feature.

Press to test the Mobile Menu feature.

You can read more on how to make a calculator app or menu at calculator app.

Calculator API

Api for calculator

We have provided code for you to integrate a form easily in your web or mobile application without bothering about how to connect to our API. The code will be shown after a widget is chosen and the "get code" button is pressed on the formula calculator page. Remember that you do not need design your widget or app since you will use your own CSS to style the form. Read more about our calculator-api at api calculator.

Converter API

Conversion Api

Our conversion api is written for json data-interchange format. We provide both a PHP and a JavaScript example to get your application working. The code for the converter you get by pressing the "get code" button on the converter page. Read more about our converter-api at api conversion.

Custom Calculator

You can create a custom calculator form by following the steps below:

Open two tabs in the browser, one for formula and one for variables.
Add a formula.
Add the variables needed.
Design and modify your widget or app.
Copy your code and paste it into your webpage.

If you want to use an existing formula you can modify that formula with your own variables and more at formula calculator. Read more about how to make your custom calculator at custom calculator.

Spreadsheet to Web

Or use the spreadsheet import module to import your custom calculator.

Import your spreadsheet.
Design and modify your widget or app.
Copy your code and paste it into your webpage.

Read more about our excel or spreadsheet import at spreadsheet to web app.